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瞬間舒敏煥膚面膜 Instant Relief Redness Mask


無需沖洗,納米技術 強效吸收。

Clinically shown to relieve redness and rosacea instantly and provide long-lasting anti-inflammation benefits to soothe and nourish the skin for a relaxing, softening effect.

No need to wash away.
With Nanotechnology, serum will be absorbed into the skin.


Sale price$308.00

How to use:
洗完臉後,將面膜敷在臉上約15至20分鐘,然後取下並輕輕按摩皮膚讓精華吸收。 無需沖洗,納米技術 強效吸收,每天使用效果會更好。

After washing your face, put the mask on the face for about 15 to 20 minutes, then remove and gently massage the skin, let the essence absorbed. No need to wash away, with Nanotechnology, serum will be absorbed into the skin, effect will be better if using every day.

Suited to:
For sensitive skin or skin after treatment

瞬間舒敏煥膚面膜 Instant Relief Redness Mask
瞬間舒敏煥膚面膜 Instant Relief Redness Mask Sale price$308.00