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極致去痘精華噴霧 Anti Acne Mist 30ml


Ultimate relief for both sensitive and acne skin.

有效舒緩紅腫或暗瘡,平衡皮膚菌群, 縮小毛孔。包含多種活性抗菌,控油,消炎和保濕成分,可以恢復皮膚健康

Effectively soothe redness or acne, balance skin flora and reduce pores. Contains a variety of active antimicrobial, oil control, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients, it can restore skin health.

Size: 30 ml

Sale price$380.00

How to use:
Hold the facial spray about 5-7 inches away from your face and spray.

Suited to:
Most skin types, especially acne skin

極致去痘精華噴霧 Anti Acne Mist 30ml
極致去痘精華噴霧 Anti Acne Mist 30ml Sale price$380.00