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專利納米技術 Nanotech

隆重推出 NannotiV 生物脂質聚合物納米包裹技術

採用 NannotiV 技術配製的產品改善活性成分的擴散。
10 倍深度穿透
選擇從大顆粒到納米顆粒的不同分子量,以允許滲透到其建議的深度以執行作用。 左圖顯示活性成分僅滲透到表皮層。 右圖顯示納米包裹的活性物質可以更深入地滲透到真皮層中。

6 倍活性物質的延長釋放
通過特定觸發因素(包括水、溫度、酶、pH 變化和摩擦力)控制助推器的釋放。 這延長了助推器的效果並增強了它的功效消除皮膚刺激的風險。

We are proudly introduce NannotiV bio-lipid polymer nanoencapsulation technology
By incorporating NannotiV tech in our products, we can enhance the diffusion of active ingredients.
Achieve 10x Deeper Penetration
Selection of different molecular weights from large to nano particles to allow permeation to its proposed depth to perform action. Left images showed the actives only penetrate to the epidermis layer. Right images showed the nano encapsulated actives can penetrate much deeper into dermis layer.
Experience 6x Prolonged Release of Actives
Controlled release of active ingredients by specific triggers including water, temperature, enzyme, pH variation and Friction. This prolong the effect of actives and enhance its efficacy virtually eliminate the risk of skin irritation.